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London Multi-Disciplinary Tracheostomy Percutaneous Workshop

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INTRODUCED IN 2015: DAY 3 - FOLLOWING STRAIGHT AFTER THE TWO-DAY TRACHEOSTOMY MANAGEMENT COURSES [in collaboration with the Northwick Park Institute of Medical Research (NPIMR)]

  • Suitable for: ENT, Anaesthetic/Intensivist and Maxillofacial trainees
  • Practical `hands-on’ surgical techniques and simulation scenarios
  • Local and invited expert faculty from leading European Centres

Feedback from previous course: 100% excellent/good and 100% would recommend to colleagues

  • Very good practical day, complimented with excellent speakers.
  • Great hands-on experience.  Great team offering `pearls of wisdom’.
  • Very interactive, could ask lots of questions.  Attended all three days.  Excellent course, it has plugged a huge gap in my knowledge, which isn’t taught or on the curriculum.  Scenarios were extremely useful, memorable.
  • Very good, honest simulation.  Thank you very much for teaching and useful tips.  I learned a lot.
  • Excellent hands-on course.  Felt far more confident with lat/procedure by end of day. 

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Practical `hands-on’ day held in research theatre setting, including:

  • Introduction  to Percutaneous Tracheostomy Tools / Kits / Models
  • Neck Prosection for Anatomy Illustration
  • Uniperc Kit: fat neck
  • Griggs Kit & Technique
  • Live Neck USS
  • Flexible & Rigid Bronchoscopes as Adjuncts to Perc Tracheostomy

full course list...