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European Paediatric Advanced Life Support (EPALS)

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The EPALS provider course is intended to provide training for multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals in the early recognition of the child in respiratory or circulatory failure and the development of the knowledge and core skills required to intervene in order to prevent further deterioration towards respiratory or cardio-respiratory arrest.
The course is a collaboration between the European Resuscitation Council and the Resuscitation Council (UK) and reflects changes in resuscitation education.

Course details:

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Course dates:

09 - 10, June 2020 (course full)

Course Director: Mr Steven Root, Senior Resuscitation Officer

Approved by: The Resuscitation Council (UK)

Who the course is suitable for:
This course is designed for healthcare professionals who would be expected to apply the skills taught as part of their clinical duties, or to teach them on a regular basis. Appropriate participants include doctors, nurses and paramedics working in direct contact with children. All applicants should hold a current clinical appointment and professional healthcare qualification.  It is strongly advised that candidates attend a PILS course prior to EPALS. 

The course content consists of a combination of lectures, group discussion, workshops and skill stations.
Assessments are based on clinical scenarios that allow the candidate to effectively demonstrate the core competencies that have been taught on the course. The scenarios are standardised and reflect reality as closely as possible.
There are 3 assessment components:

  • Paediatric basic life support with bag-mask ventilation (outcome based assessment)
  • ALS scenario
  • MCQ


The Northwick Park EPALS course runs for 2 days and costs: £450 (includes EPALS course manual, lunches and all refreshments).


(LNWH Trust staff discount is offered on this course, please contact us for further details)

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